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Help for Australian Individuals and Businesses During Natural Disasters

We love Australia for all it has to offer, but sometimes floods, fires, droughts and more can impact many Australians without notice. As a proudly Australian company, we are here to help our neighbours, as proud Aussies do.

During these tough times, we'd like to help both existing and new customers in affected areas with their financial situation.

Existing Customers:

  • We can assist with temporary payment relief. This may require renegotiating with with creditors at a later date. If variations or renegotiations are required, no fee will be charged for these services.

New Customers:

  • For those located in affected post codes, we will waive our upfront fee.

In moments like these, it’s important to understand there are solutions available to help ease financial strains. We’re ready to provide advice and support when you need it most.

If you are in need of financial assistance, call our disaster relief team on 1800 841 698 to discuss how we can assist you today.

Solutions for Australian Individuals

Solutions for Australian Businesses

If you’re experiencing a natural disaster situation, it’s important you reach out to the relevant authorities or support services to ensure your immediate safety and wellbeing:

You can count on us to support you through these uncertain times. If you’re experiencing financial distress, get in touch with our qualified specialists today for trusted advice and solutions.